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How To Survive Greek Mythology:


Have you suddenly woken up in a parallel universe in which there are temples everywhere, marble statues all up in everything, and hot naked people running around?

Congratulations! You might be in a Greek myth.

There’s a good chance you might probably won’t make it out…

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Poor sweetheart.  I could never do that to a book…

Poor sweetheart. I could never do that to a book…

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Reblog if you think this is beautiful.


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babbufic, sickening babbu fluff, if you don’t know what babbus are go to babbuisms. or here, I guess


“RRROOAAAWWRR,” said thor. “i dragon.” he ran around the garden, red cloak flying out behind him and arms outstretched for wings. thor liked being a dragon.

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Omg! This is beautiful.

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i’ve been sitting here for the last fifteen minutes trying to rationalize how anyone could hate thor. i mean, i get it if he’s not your fave, but hate?

he’s literally a space prince made of sunshine and rainbows and goodness. and no, he’s not perfect, but he always…

Definitely agree.

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Click here to support Emergency Heart & Kidney Bills by Robert Bennett





Offering commissions for exactly this reason.  Please help!

UPDATE (8/23/14): Hospital Visit, Round 2. Got hit by another massive Attack this evening; strong enough that Robert doesn’t remember parts of it (including getting to the hospital). While stable now, we have even more follow up in the morning to see if we can nail down the diagnosis.

Please donate if you can.  We’re scared and we need help.  

UPDATE (8/31/14)

Robert is still out of work, and may possibly have pancreatic tumors that will require surgery, which means a longer recovery time.  I am doing absolutely everything I can to keep us financially afloat, but I can’t do it alone.  On top of $3000+ hospital bills, we need $600 for rent and even more just to eat.  Please commission me for artwork, or, if you feel generous, click the donate button on my sidebar or click the link at the top of this post to donate through gofundme.

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